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Excursion to PJSC "UEC-Kuznetsov"

Introductory tour to the enterprise with a visit to the museum, the center of specialization "Gearboxes and aggregates" and the assembly workshop of gas turbine engines for aviation and power engineering.

UEC Kuznetsov PJSC develops and manufactures engines for airplanes and spacecrafts. The company's main products include gas-turbine engines and gas transmission pipelines.

City tour "Welcome to Samara!"

During the fascinating excursion we have to get acquainted with the main sights of the ancient city on the Volga and look at them from an unusual perspective. We will see luxurious mansions still storing the fabulous breath of antiquity, monuments of architecture and iconic symbols of Samara of the tsarist and Soviet times.

During the excursion we will:

- take a trip along the main street of the old Samara - Noble (now Kuibyshev), see the restored building of the merchant Reshetov, the Elizabeth Subbotina mansion, the luxurious building of the Art Museum and Naumov's Palace;

- walk through the Samara "Arbat" - Leningradskaya street and find out why this street was unflatteringly called Prolomnaya just a century ago;

-see the most unusual temples of our city - the Lutheran church and the Catholic church. They were built in the Gothic style;

- learn why the theater-circus Olympus (Philharmonic) was casually called the "stable" by Fedor Shalyapin and why the monument to Chapaev on Theater Square had the nickname "taking the regional committee" for many years;

- see the "pearl" of the Samara modern - the Kurlyna's mansion and learn the terrible and tragic legends;

- visit the legendary bunker of Stalin and hear the incredible story of his creation;

- learn the history of the rise and fall of Alfred von Wakano - the founder of the Zhigulevsky brewery and admire the beautiful panorama of the city;

- feel the energy of the largest area of Europe - the Kuibyshev square and to be transferred a hundred and a half years ago, when it was a majestic cathedral. 

Museum and Exhibition Center "Samara Space"

The main exhibition presents the collection of the samples and models of space techniques. The interactive items allow seeing the space systems operation and their application in our everyday life. The special section is dedicated to the human in space, his work and living in the space station.

A Soviet space hub, Samara played no small part in the USSR’s space endeavours. The city was responsible for manufacturing the rocket that sent the first person, Yuri Gagarin, into space, heralding the Soviets as space pioneers. Not only does the museum take visitors through Samara’s role in sending the first person into space, it is also a comprehensive information wealth on general Soviet and Russian space exploration endeavours. It even has an original model Vostok rocket erected outside.


Today, Zhigulevskoe beer is produced by hundreds of Breweries throughout Russia and abroad. But the real “Zhigulevskoe” with its unique taste and traditional cooking technology is produced by only one plant in the world — Zhigulevsky brewery.

Be in Samara and not try the most popular and popular Zhiguli beer? We invite you to a tasting tour ” Know our Zhigulevskoe!”to one of the oldest enterprises in the country-Zhigulevsk brewery (JSC Zhigulevskoe beer).

We will tell you the history of Samara brewing, which is more than 130 years old! You will find out why the Austrian citizen Alfred von Wakano chose Samara for the construction of a brewery? Learn how A. Von Wakano was able to cook 5 thousand buckets in one year! What kind of beer was served in the best pubs in London and beer halls in France and Germany? What is the difference between “Viennese “beer and”Zhigulevsky”? Who was the country’s Chief brewer? Learn about the technology of making a foam drink and what the meaning of the phrase: “Beer is cold, malt, and the conscience of the brewer”!

During the tasting, you will try 5 varieties of beer from Zhigulevsky brewery: the famous “Zhigulevskoe”, “Samara”, “Von Wakano” dark, “Von Wakano 1881”, “Von Wakano Viennese”. You will learn how to drink beer correctly, distinguish the tart taste of hops and malt aftertaste, distinguish varieties and density.