№1 «Aircraft engine designing and robustness issues»

№2 «Dynamics and Vibroacoustics»

№3 «Aircraft engine systems»

№4 «New materials and manufacturing technologies»

№5 «Additive manufacturing forum»

№6 «Trends in digital transformation and economics in engines development»

№7 «Turbomachinery and Gas Turbine Performance»

№8 «Rocket engines. Spacecraft power engineering»

№9 «Trends in aerospace education»

№10 «Contact hydrodynamics and reliability of friction units»

№11 «Combustion processes and heat engines ecology»

№12 «Heat and mass trasnfer processes in heat engines and energy plants»

№13 «Physics and Chemistry of Combustion and Processes in Extreme Environments»

№14 «Strength of turbomachine parts»