The abstracts of the conference paper should contain the relevance and novelty, and will be published in the Abstract Conference Proceedings.

By the time until May 01, 2021 to the conference (specify the section title in the subject line and the names of the authors - an example of the subject line is below) must be sent:

  • prepared according to the requirements of abstracts in Microsoft Word format, if pictures and diagrams are used, then attach them in jpg format (the file name is the number of the picture or diagram in text of abstracts;
  • color scanned copy filled in and signed License Agreement in PDF format.

Requirements for abstracts , as well as a filling template, are presented in "Requirements for the design of abstracts in the collection of works" .

License Agreement Template “License Agreement”.

All signatures (on the license agreement, on the expert opinion and on the printed abstracts) must be affixed in blue ink.

Example subject line: “1_Ivanov II, Petrov PP”

where 1 is the number of the conference direction

Ivanov I.I., Petrov P.P. - Authors' full names

The following numbering of conference directions was adopted:

№1 "Aircraft engine designing and robustness issues"

№2 "Dynamics and Vibroacoustics"

№3 "Aircraft engine systems"

№4 "New materials and manufacturing technologies"

№5 "Additive manufacturing forum"

№6 "Trends in digital transformation and economics in engines development"

№7 "Turbomachinery and Gas Turbine Performance"

№8 "Rocket engines. Spacecraft power engineering"

№9 "Trends in aerospace education"

№10 "Contact hydrodynamics and reliability of friction units"

№11 "Combustion processes and heat engines ecology"

№12 "Heat and mass transfer processes in heat engines and energy plants"

№13 "Physics and Chemistry of Combustion and Processes in Extreme Environments "

№14 "Strength of turbomachine parts"